Top 10 free things to do as a family!

Here are my top 10 free things to do as a family! We are big on spending time together and not money (mostly because we don't have all that much!) on each other but loving each other and enjoying each others company. I have put together this post to tell you about our top 10 free activities to do as a family.

  • Going for a walk ~ this is seems like such a simple one and yet so many people don't think of it, whether its a simple walk around the neighbourhood, a walk at a local beauty spot or through the woods. A family walk can be fun and exciting, you can stop to examine local wildlife and flowers etc along the way and really have a good time together.
  • A picnic ~ this is one of my personal favourites. I love to pack up a picnic and take it out somewhere to eat! And it doesn't have to cost anything, make your normal sandwiches and pack them to take!
  • Geocaching ~ this is actually something that we have been saying that we really need to try out properly as we haven't done it very many times but the times we have, it has been so so fun!
  • Have a movie night ~ choose your favourite film together and raid the kitchen for a few snacks and voila! Family movie night is on!
  • Visit a local free museum ~ we have done this before with our local museum and it is so much fun to take the kids along and learn new things and new experiences with them. 
  • Make a blanket fort ~ who doesn't like a blanket fort?! I mean seriously? Some days I would love nothing more than to sit inside my blanket fort and ignore the world. So why not do it as a family! Take some books and snacks inside and chill out.
  • Go to the Library ~ you can register for a library card and even take the books home to read, there is normally computer access and plenty of comfy seating to sit and read.
  • The park ~ the park is so much fun as a family! We have a great park near us that has a sand pit, zip wire, swings, slides and a climbing frame! There are some amazing parks out there if you are willing to find them!
  • Play a board game ~ most of us have at least one board game in the cupboard, especially with children! So dust it off and get it out, gather round and have some proper family fun.
  • Feed the ducks ~ if you find yourself with some spare bread then you can go to a duck pond and feed the ducks. Even as an adult I love to do this and watch them flock to you.

Hopefully some of these ideas stand out to you or generate some excitement! We love to do all of these things and more. Family time is so important and it really doesn't have to cost you lots of money.

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