Weight Update

Hello everyone! I thought I would do a little update on my weight, which honestly has just yo-yo'd so far this year. When I went to my slimming world group last week I decided enough was enough and I asked to restart my progress, start as if it was my first week and wipe the slate clean. As well as that I decided to sit in on the new member talk and treat that week like it was my absolute first week ever, I wrote everything down and was so so careful and..............

I LOST 6LB!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon and so so happy, it was worth the self control and going back to basics. It really gave me the boost (in weight loss and confidence) that I needed. Wiping my progress and starting again really helped me to refocus and to concentrate on me rather than the number and doing that really paid off for me!

Just a little update but you can watch my Weigh With Us videos over on my youtube channel as well ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5OhLym8SbGFMlLkYKMkgzw

This is the thumbnail for our latest video updating our weight journey together :-) my lovely husband is literally hilarious and has been entertaining a lot of my lovely subscribers so do stop by and check us out!

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