What to pack in a pre-schoolers travel bag?

Having recently been on holiday I thought I would share with you my must haves for my pre-schoolers travel bag!! Lots of these items would have been my must remember items when my daughter was a toddler as well so may be useful for those with children younger than mine!

Hygiene items such as a pack of wet wipes are an absolute 100% must!! For spills, snot, dirty hands etc etc they are invaluable. For younger children you may need to consider nappies etc too.

Snacks and drinks are high on the list of priorities. I like to pack snacks that won't melt or be too sticky etc such as a cereal bar or some fruit etc. I pack plenty of both for the whole family so that should there be any hold ups or delays we all have drinks and snacks to keep us going.

A blanket and favourite teddy are definitely travel essentials for us, especially long journeys when I know my child is likely to have a sleep these help to sooth and comfort them when they are not in their home environment.

Entertainment wise I like to bring along some colouring books and pencil or crayons and also a favourite book. Something else you may consider doing is going to a £1/$1 shop and buying some new items that you can bring out as a surprise whenever your child starts to get restless or cranky. Normally the novelty of the new item will cheer them up and hold their interest! Win win!!!

Spare clothes are a must, for spillages, accidents or for long journeys just to feel fresh and clean. I'm sure we can all agree we love the clean and fresh feeling of clean clothes or bedding.

And lastly and this item could be controversial, for us personally I like to take a tablet or iPad along. We limit screen time at home and so when none of the above have distracted/entertained my child I will bring out the electronic device and 9 times out or 10 it will work!

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and if you have any tips for me that I haven't thought of then please let me know in the comments!

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