8 Week Pregnancy Update

It's hard to believe that something so very small could make me feel so very very sick!! All day long and not a lot seems to help so I am finding that hard.  My uterus is now almost the size of a grapefruit and is stretching away which might explain why I feel so tired all the time..... growing a human is tiring work! I have decided to have a sort of theme to my updates where I answer the following questions, feel free to comment if you think or would like me to add any :-)

How far along? 8 weeks
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a raspberry! Who'd have thought something so small could make you feel so sick?! Ha ha!
Total weight change? So the week I found out I was pregnant I was 13st13lb or 195lb. I am currently attending slimming world as I would like to lose around 50lb maybe more. I am aware that isn't going to happen now but I am going to continue attending my group as long as my midwife agrees. I have since then lost 8lb and am down to 13st5lb or 187lb, this isn't really through trying as I have been eating what I can, when I can but I have been trying to make good food choices and hopefully that will continue.
Maternity clothes? So even though I have lost 8lb my jeans (which fit perfectly 8lb heavier) feel very tight and restrictive and so I don't think it will be too long before I need to look at maternity clothing. Because I already have three children I think I might pop out a bit quicker.
Sleep? I have been so so tired this week and yet unable to sleep through the night?! I keep waking up and tossing and turning in the night so fingers crossed for some better sleep soon!
Best moment of the week? My children being excited at the potential of having a new sibling.
Food cravings? I'm not sure if it is a craving but I have found that if my husband cooks it for me then I can eat cheese and broccoli pasta and sauces without feeling like I'm going to vomit..... win win!
Food aversions? I wouldn't necessarily say I have food aversions this week but definitely I am finding strong smells or strong smelling foods make me feel sick/be sick!!
Symptoms? Sickness!! Massively all day long! Really tired and sore boobs!
What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to my first midwife appointment!
What I miss? Feta cheese!!!! I will be confirming with my midwife when I see her but I believe this is included in the not allowed foods! My salad is really missing it ha ha.
Happy or moody? This week I would say neither, I am not really moody but I don't feel too happy as I literally just feel sick all day long!
Next appointment? Friday 8th July at 9.30am!

I hope you enjoyed this style of update and I will be adding photos to the ones that follow as well :-)

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