AWOL ~ Pregnancy Problems

So I have been pretty absent from my blog in the last few weeks. I have still been behind the scenes working on different things I had to work on but my gosh the sickness has been ridiculous!! I have felt sick from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed. It has even horrendous. Being sick countless times and feeling sick all day long has been draining to say the least!

However for the last week or so I have begun to feel better, much less sickness. I am still feeling sick and being sick on the odd occasion but nothing like I was!! Having the sickness come and go means that I get a break from it which is such relief!!

I actually had a scan last on Monday which dated me back two weeks so I am back a week tomorrow for another scan. It was so relieving to see our baby and see the heart beating away! However unfortunately because the ultrasound technician back dated us we were in and out within a few minutes and didn't get to see much of our little one, and what we did see was very blurry and not very clear.

We are still worrying about different things such as a lack of space and needing a bigger car along with having gotten rid of all of our baby things and starting from scratch..... BUT what will be will be and we will figure it out together.

Stick around to see how we get on with more updates and posts from me x

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