10 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This week our little baby is the size of a date and my little baby is now equipped with all of its internal organs!

How far along? 10 weeks
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a date!
Total weight change? So the week I found out I was pregnant I was 13st13lb or 195lb. I am now 13st5lb or 187lb.
Maternity clothes? Everything is getting a little tight but I haven't needed to purchase any maternity clothing yet!
Sleep? I have had lots of sleep this week and still feel massively tired so I think my body is working overtime.
Best moment of the week? My children being excited and talking about having a new sibling <3
Food cravings? I am totally loving chicken and stuffing sandwiches!
Food aversions? None really, I have felt sick and been sick but nothing in particular has set it off.
Symptoms? Sickness!! And feeling exhausted!!
What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to our second 12 week scan!
What I miss? Being able to sleep ha ha!
Happy or moody? This week I am starting to feel happier as this wasn't planned I have mostly been worrying and terrified!
Next appointment? Monday 8th August at 2.30pm!

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