Top 5 First Trimester Must Haves

Well since I am now 14 weeks pregnant I thought I would bring you a post about all of my first trimester must haves and five seemed like a good number!!! These must haves are obviously all my opinion and not 'factual' what works for me may not work for others but hopefully I will have some ideas for you.

  • Pregnacare - These are tablets which include pregnancy vitamins and minerals including the all important folic acid!! You can just take folic acid but something in me feels so much better knowing I am giving my baby all the goodness that I can. 
  • Pregnancy pillow - I have never had one of these before and this is my fourth pregnancy and all I can think is why the heck did I not buy one!!!! They are soo comfy and as someone who would sleep kind of angled towards the mattress on my side I have found it very uncomfortable to do without the pillow. It is also absolutely fantastically cosy and comfortable to relax against!!
  • Water - This may seem like a basic one but sipping on water through the sickness really really helped and obviously staying hydrated is so important, especially when you are throwing up every day!!
  • Travel sickness bands - Admittedly I was sceptical about these and I did think they would be a waste of money but my gosh they worked!!! They were fabulous! You have to be careful in your positioning of them to ensure they are in the right position to work but they really do help!
  • Rich Tea Biscuits - I found during sickness that the traditionally thought of ginger biscuit actually made the sickness worse and instead I found nibbling very slowly on a rich tea biscuit helped.
I was luckier than some with my sickness as some women can struggle horrendously and even end up in hospital but this was the worst I had suffered in a pregnancy. It was so unexpected as I hadn't really had a 'sicky' pregnancy and so wasn't really expecting this to be. But I am (fingers crossed) through the sickness and out the other side.

Katy x

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