17 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 17 weeks
How big is baby? This week none of my apps could agree on what size baby was so I actually don't know ha ha!
Total weight change? So the week I found out I was pregnant I was 13st13lb or 195lb. I am now 13st7.5lb or 189.5lb.
Maternity clothes? I have got some maternity jeans but am still wearing my slighter longer tops for now although I don't think it will be long.
Sleep? I have slept well once asleep this week but I haven't been very well so that has made it a bit harder to get to sleep for me!!
Best moment of the week? Buying some neutral baby bits <3 it was so much fun to look at baby things again!
Food cravings? Still wraps! Although I am loving chocolate milkshake this week as well!
Food aversions? Nothing really this week which has been nice!!
What I am looking forward to? Our 20 week scan! It can not come fast enough! Charlie, my eldest, is counting down on the calendar as he really wants to find out if he is having a brother or a sister!
What I miss? I haven't missed anything this week :-)
Happy or moody? This week I have been pretty grumpy because I don't feel great but that isn't pregnancy related.
Next appointment? My 20 week scan appointment on 4th October! Boy or girl we will see!!

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