Baby Crib Wishlist

We have seen so many beautiful cribs and we would absolutely love love love one for this baby! We have had a moses basket with each of our other three children and having a smaller bed for them when they are first born is an absolute gem and something I really enjoyed having.

My lovely husband was the one that originally asked if I would consider a crib instead as in both of our opinion they look so much nicer! I would absolutely love one but whether we will end up with one remains to be seen. But I did think I would bring you a little wishlist of the ones that we like and the ones that we love! Let me start with the first two which are the ones that we absolutely love but they are a little pricey!

First up we have the SnuzPod 3in1bedside crib! It is linked HERE so that you can read all of the specific information if you would like to. This beautiful crib can be rocked, kept right next to your bed for easier night feeds or as a stand alone crib and you can lift the bassinet off of the stand to transport around your home as you wish/need to during the day! It is an absolute all rounder and we love it!

The other crib that we love is the Chicco next to me crib. It comes in a variety of colours and again can be used right next to your bed for easy night feeds but also as a stand alone crib as well. You can find this crib HERE and see the precise specifications etc. Personally for us if we were to get this crib we would choose a neutral colour so that it would fit with our room decor.

This crib is the Mothercare swinging crib and altho this crib is cheaper to purchase, it doesn't come with a mattress so this would be an additional cost. The crib itself is a beautiful white and can either be locked into position or rocked depending on what you would like to do with it. You can find it HERE again for specifications if wanted etc.

The next crib is the Katie crib in natural and I just thought it looked different to everything you normally see. The bassinet itself can be removed and the frame can be folded which would be quite handy for those needing it out the way at times. You can find this crib HERE and if you are looking for something a little different then this could be a good match for you!

These four cribs are all beautiful although I do have to say that the SnuzPod and the Chicco next to me cribs are most definitely our favourites!!! Now I just have to hope that they have a major sale or I win the lottery ha ha!!

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