EcoEgg Hard Surface Cleaner Review

I was very kindly sent a ecoegg hard surface cleaner kit for review which includes two 500g pots of the hard surface cleaner, four sponges and two microfibre cloths. Before accepting this product for review I watched their video from their website and I have to admit I was sceptical, the kind of dirt they were wiping clean tended to take me lots of scrubbing and an arm work out!!! You know the kind I mean with the ground on dirt and soap scum?! The cleaner itself has very few ingredients as it is 100% natural and taken straight from a small village in France where it naturally occurs.

On opening up my package I obviously had a look at everything and then the obligatory 'sniff test' and I was very happy!!! It has a delightful citrus smell which isn't overpowering at all and it certainly didn't have the chemical stench that a lot of tough cleaning products seem to have. This was the first major tick in the hard surface cleaners favour as I definitely prefer my house to have a nice scent as apposed to a chemically clean smell!!

Since I have known this cleaner was coming and was for review, I had decided to really put it to the test, I hadn't wiped down/cleaned my bathroom for four days with anything other than water!!!!!! And my gosh could you see it, the toothpaste from my three messy children and the soap muck on my tiles was seriously painful to see!!!! Unfortunately my bathroom tiles are white which makes it hard to show up in photographs!

Using this cleaner is simple and easy simply wet the sponge with warm water and rub/wipe over the paste and then apply in a circular motion on the wall and then wipe off with the microfibre cloth! I took pictures as I went to show you how I used this product but honestly the camera just wouldn't pick up the difference it made on my white tiles. It did make such a difference! It was like the dirt and grime glided off as I wiped it with the cloth! It was a magical moment, any one would agree! Because I didn't manage to show the effect as I would have liked to, I decided my next stop would be the bathroom taps!

My poor poor taps have four days worth of grime and toothpaste from my delightful children! I tried rinsing them with water each time which had little to no effect so I was sooooo excited to see what this product could do for my sink to return it to its normal shininess! And man was I impressed! Beautiful sparkly taps! With no hard scrubbing or chemical bleaching! Just a lovely citrus clean smell.

I would say for me the only down side was it left my hands with quite a chalky feel BUT it didn't leave that feeling behind on the surfaces it had cleaned! And since I would wash my hands after using cleaning products anyway this didn't bother me! Honestly.... I think I'm in love!

If this kit sounds like something you would love to try then it will be Today's Special Value product of the day on QVC for 24 hours at the reduced price of £14.97 instead of the normal £23.54 so a great saving if you are looking to try it!

**I was sent these products to review but all opinion and thoughts are my own**

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