Surviving the First Trimester | Dad edition!

The do's and don'ts for husbands or partners of a pregnant lady during her first trimester, some of these may seem obvious but to be honest its really easy to forget. I thought that bringing this survival guid would be an most excellent idea for those wishing to survive the first trimester. 

The first trimester is the period of time from the first week up until the thirteen week of pregnancy. During that time the foetus grows from the size of an embryo egg to the size of an actual chicken egg !! The body under goes enormous changes during that time to grow a healthy foetus and is one of the most vital stages of growth as organs are developing. 

This can put a lot of additional load on your wife or partners body, so you can see there are lots of opportunity to help and make things easier. However there are also ample opportunities to fail and really annoy her. I personally think the best way to deal with this is basically just being considerate. 

We actually made a fun video on Katy Gibson channel taking about specific thing I've done during the first trimester. The video is tongue in cheek however we touch on some serious points whilst keeping things fun. Check the video out below to see how to survive the first trimester and see our do's and dont's.

My personal favourite piece of advice is to embrace the pillow and love it !!! Trust me it is your best friend from now on! I hope you enjoyed this video and if you want more of these types of video then let Katy know in the comments.

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