Top Gifts for a New Mum

I can't claim to know exactly what every new mum would want but I have had three children and I am pregnant with number four and I know which gifts I loved and which I could happily of gone without!

A new baby is tiring and all consuming and you are in a really emotional place as the little bundle you have anticipated for sooooo long is finally here and you are so so so in love. I can not even describe the love, its everything. 

Lets start with some things that you probably don't need to get for a new mum. Flowers, flowers are lovely don't get me wrong but at a guess unless you are the grandparents of papa then there is no need!! I got flowers when I had each of my children, oh so many flowers! Nearly every visitor brought flowers, lovely except for when you run out of vases and when you have to spend time cutting and arranging them! Time that would be much better spent taking a nap! If you would like to gift flowers then consider an arrangement that comes in a jar or vase and can just be left and doesn't have to be organised!!!!! Another thing I really didn't need was any baby clothes in the first size!!! Unless the new mum has specifically said she'd like gender specific items in first size then avoid! You could ask which size clothing they would prefer as I definitely would have preferred some 3-6month clothing. Most new parents on the run up to the arrival on their bundle of joy will purchase clothing in the first size and we had so many items that didn't even get worn!

Cooking a meal is a fabulous gift!!! Either come at dinner time with it ready to serve or pre cook it and freeze so that it can just be shoved in the oven when the new parents found they needed it! Even taking some sandwiches over at lunch time would be so kind and is one less thing for them to do. If you can then try to clear up the dishes afterwards as well and take your dish home with you!

Toys! Baby rattles and small toys can make an awesome present, its something I have never been given but would have loved and it is something that I gift to expectant/new mums just so that they have a few they can put away ready for when their baby shows an interest in them.

Doing some washing!!!! Oh my gosh yes this is soooooo helpful!!!!! When we had our first child for the first week my mother-in-law came by every day for a visit and when she left she took our dirty washing and as if by magic brought it back clean the next day! It was amazing!!! Honestly you couldn't give a better gift!! It was so nice to just pop everything in a  basket knowing she was going to take it home and bring it back fresh and clean. It was magical!

Offer to do any chores while you are there, especially if mama is having a particularly hard time with sleep or has other children. Simply offering to run the hoover around or wipe the bathroom down is so kind! Obviously for me I would only ever except this offer from close friends or family but if you think that the new mum would say yes then offer offer offer!!

As for actual presents, little things can mean a lot! Whether it is her favourite bubble bath or her favourite chocolate it can mean a lot! You might also consider things like nipple cream for the breast feedings mamas! Or a small bottle of bubbles to celebrate!

Muslin cloths are also an awesome present, I didn't realise how many we would get through with my first child but they are simply amazing you can use them for anything!!!! And you can get some super duper cute patterned ones too! 

Or be organised in advance and speak to the expectant mama and offer to contribute towards or buy a baby item such as a bouncer or changing bag rather than buy a gift once baby is here. Baby's are expensive and this could really help them out!

I hope these tips were helpful!

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