What happens at my 16 week midwife appointment?

Yesterday I had my 16 week midwife appointment and so I thought I would write a post explaining what happens for anyone either waiting for theirs or just generally interested!So here goes.....

First of all I had to take a sample, and by sample yes I do mean wee in a little pot! It's all very glorious and dignified..... however as I hadn't been given a pot at my last appointment I did have to ask the receptionist for one and nip off to the loo. So it's worth noting if you are attending your 16 week appointment and you haven't gotten a sample pot, that you can either pop to your doctors surgery in advance and ask for one or try to arrive a few minutes early so that you can fill it there. This sample, though slightly gross (who likes trying to pee into a tiny pot?!!), is very important as your midwife will dip test your urine to check for protein, sugar, white blood cells and other things. The midwife does this by the stick that she dips changing colour if any of these are present which would alert her to anything going on that she needs to be aware of.

I then had my blood pressure checked which was done with a cuff sleeve and was very quick and pain free! My blood pressure was a very nice 110/60 which the midwife told me was lovely - woohoo go body!!!! Next came the questions about how I was feeling etc etc and if you are struggling with anything at all or feeling a little down now is the time to share it with your midwife so that you can get as much support as they can offer.

Next it was baby's turn and I laid down so that we could listen to the baby with a foetal doppler to listen in to baby's heartbeat. Before I laid down my midwife explains that 16 weeks was still early and it sometimes took a great deal of time to find the heartbeat and not to panic at all. This was definitely reassuring to hear in my case as it took forever!!! We were there for probably around five minutes, we heard baby's heartbeat for about 5 seconds about a minute in and then baby moved. But the midwife kept searching and eventually we found it again, but like the first time not for very long. It's amazing how reassuring it is to hear your baby's heartbeat when you can't feel them move yet. I always loved feeling my babies move around when pregnant as it reassured me all was good in there but until they start moving listening to their heartbeat can be magical!!

I was asked about movements and if I had felt any yet, I hadn't. Again I was reassured it would probably be a few weeks before I did feel anything. And then we discussed my next appointment which as I am not a first time mother won't be until 28 weeks, I did think this is a super long time really-12 weeks!!! But if I have any concerns in the meantime I know I can get into contact and be seen either by a midwife or my GP.

As I am having a GTT-glucose tolerance test this was also booked in for me at 28 weeks and I need to attend my local hospital for this test. That was about everything we covered in this appointment and I remembered to ask for a sample pot on the way out so I am prepared for my next appointment.

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