Baby on a budget?

I'm currently pregnant and so I decided to bring you my top tips on having a baby on a budget! Having a baby can be so expensive and it can also be a little overwhelming to see all these items that websites and even friends/family claim that you 'need' especially when you add it all up! Some baby items can even go into the thousands!!! So I am definitely on board for saving money where I can and choosing what I need and also items that are on budget as well.

  • First of all I would say start shopping early!! If you keep your receipts you can always return items if/when you want or need to. It definitely spreads the cost out and makes it a little more affordable!
  • If you have the start up funds then buying cloth nappies can save you some money in the long run but they can be expensive to buy in the beginning.
  • Get cash back where you can on items you do need to purchase and also look at saving any loyalty points/vouchers towards baby bits as well! 
  • Try and stock up on nappy and wipes throughout your pregnancy especially if you will be worse off on maternity leave as it will ease some of the pressure if you already have those essentials bought and ready to use.
  • If you can and would like to then breastfeeding will save you some money, instead of having to buy a steriliser, bottles and formula you can purchase some nipple cream!!! If you would express instead then that does add a cost.
  • Again on the feeding subject if you do plan to express then see if you can borrow/hire a breast pump! They can be so expensive to buy so this would be a big savings and one less 'big' item to purchase!
  • When the time comes for weaning make you own baby food by boiling vegetables and pureeing! This can save so much money in the long run!
  • Leave the nursery for a while, your baby will sleep in with you when it is born and may continue to do so for a year or even more depending on their sleeping pattern. Paying out to decorate a room that won't be occupied for months is a big expense.
  • Buy things second hand where you can and are happy to! Obviously I would recommend things like a car seat being bought new for the safety aspect unless you know the seller very very well and know for 100% that is hasn't been in an accident.
  • Accept hand me downs and second hand items if you are offered them! A good wash and they are ready to go! 
  • If you know someone maybe a close friend of sibling that has had a child recently see if they would be willing to loan you baby items to use with your baby. Offer to wash them and return them and you could save a lot of money!
  • Check that you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to, as even an extra £5 a week is massively helpful when trying to prepare for a baby on a budget.
  • Buying things that convert is also a great way to save money! A cot that converts to a cot bed is an example of a great long term saving!
  • Buy a changing mat and not a changing table!!! I never used a changing table with any of my children, it was far easier to pop a change mat on the bed or sofa and change them on there!
  • Cut back where you can, meal plan and save every penny!
  • Look at bills that you could lower for example phone bills or changing utility providers! The money you save could go towards a baby item!
These are just a few of my top tips for having a baby on a budget and if you are careful and budget well you will be surprised how much money you can save!

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