23 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 23 weeks

How big is baby? This week baby is the size of a bunch of grapes and weighs around 1lb.

Total weight change? So the week I found out I was pregnant I was 13st13lb or 195lb. I am now 13st10lb or 192lb.

Maternity clothes? Finally I have bought some maternity clothes, I couldn't last much longer without doing so and feel so much better wearing them, they fit properly and are flattering too!

Sleep? Sleep has been fairly normal this week although I have noticed that when I roll over in the night, it takes a little more effort now!

Best moment of the week? Buying some baby boy bits now that we know we are having a boy!

Food cravings? None really this week although I am gravitating towards more sugary treats than before.

Food aversions? None this week :-)

What I am looking forward to? Our baby name reveal on our youtube channel GIBSONVLOGS  I am so excited to finally be able to share the name we have chosen :-)

What I miss? Not thinking about bending over ha ha! I am finding my bump is getting a little in the way now for this!

Happy or moody? Very happy although very tired as well!

Next appointment? Not until around 28 weeks! So ages away!

This week as seen me be so very tired regardless of how much sleep I get, I am thinking that baby is just taking all of my energy to grow which is fine by me. I have also had a very wriggly and active baby which is lovely. A wriggly baby is so reassuring to me, I often worry as you don't really know how they are getting on in there but seeing my belly move and feeling the kicks is beautiful and so lovely!

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