Secret Saviours Review | How to prevent stretch marks!

One of the most common effects on your body of pregnancy are stretch marks and I have my fair share, I am pregnant with baby no4 and each time I have gotten pregnant I have gained more and more throughout. Being pregnant again you can imagine how excited I was to review the world's first scientifically proven stretch mark prevention ritual!!!! Oh how I wish I had known about this fabulous product from Secret Saviours before having my first child! The set contains a support band, day gel and night cream and it's official I love it!

The support band is so comfortable to wear and although it has little pads on the side that touches your skin they are honestly so soft that you don't notice them! One thing I have noticed from wearing the support band though (and this may sound obvious) is the support it gives to your bump!!!! I forgot to put my band on one day last week and my bump felt so heavy and cumbersome, it was a relief to pop the band on! I really didn't think I would notice as big a difference in support for my belly as I did.

You wear the band in the day with the day gel, the gel helps to prepare your skin to grip the band (sounds not too pleasant but honestly its like moisturising!) and  it smells divine! By wearing the gel and the band you are making it 70% harder for stretch marks to form in your skin as the band holds your skin and supports your bump.

And finally before going to bed each night, you remove the band and then rub in the night cream which helps to make your skin supple (and beautifully soft and smooth as well) and again I found it smelt lovely. The smell is a big thing for me as some products can smell very clinical but these felt and smelt like beauty products.

Just before I started using this secret saviours set I could feel my skin stretching and what I thought would be the beginnings of new stretch marks, however now I can't say that I have any new additions! I do have faded stretch marks but no new ones and by this point in pregnancy I already had new angry red lines that had appeared on my bump.

I am sad that I didn't use this with all of my children as lets face it not many women want stretch marks and I certainly didn't (not that I would trade my children to be rid of them mind) but it would have been nice to have had a product like this that I could have used! I also loved the extra support that the bump band gave to my back which I have suffered badly with in previous pregnancies, now I am wondering if I should have tried support bands with baby no1?!

All in all I definitely would recommend this product especially to any pregnant momma's to be that would like to avoid stretch marks or even just want to extra support.

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