EcoEgg Dryer Eggs Review and 50% Discount!

EcoEgg have a product for sale called dryer eggs which I had heard of but never tried so when I was asked to review them I was super excited! As a family of five (soon to be six) we tumble dry a lot of clothes, and the dryer eggs shorten drying time by up to 28%!! With as many loads of washing as I dry, imagine the money (and time) I would save?!

I have to admit I was a little sceptical about the reduction in drying time and if it would work as well as it claimed. The first thing I want to make clear in this review is that it really did improve my drying time!!!!! I was amazed and also really happy, I was able to lower the drying time 
 by 20 minutes for each load! It's amazing!

The dryer eggs themselves also come with fragrance sticks which work really well and I have had the same two sticks in for around 7/8 loads now and my laundry is still coming out with a lovely fresh scent to it. And as we have a condenser dryer we also have benefited from that scent while the tumble dryer is on which is lovely.  The eggs and fragrance sticks are so simple to use, you simply push one of the sticks into each of the eggs and then pop the dryer eggs into the drum of your tumble dryer before adding your washing and you are good to go!

I have noticed that on lighter loads my tumble dryer is slightly (and I do mean slightly) noisier with the eggs bouncing around the drum but with a normal load I haven't noticed a difference at all. The fragrance sticks are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and also contain no harsh chemicals and so I have felt very happy to use them on my small children washing and I really love that the reduction in drying time means that I am using less energy!

Now onto the exciting bit...... 50% off! On December 3rd 2016 ONLY for Small Business Saturday there is a huge 50% off sale on everything on their site -

I have also reviewed their hard surface cleanser (which is amazing by the way) and at 50% off these products are an absolutely bargain not to be missed! So remember December 3rd 2016 ONLY will be 50% off!! Don't miss out!

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