JORD Wood Watch Review

A watch is a timeless piece and something that although not always necessary anymore for people with modern technology, I don't think you can replace or go wrong with a watch. I am also a massive fan of fall and fall colours, I think they are truly beautiful and so when I was offered a JORD Wood Watch to review I jumped at the chance. They are made from natural materials and I truly believe that the watches are an eye-catching addition to your style and look.

The watch that I chose is actually a men's watch  which I chose for my husband. It is a truly beautiful piece, we decided on a darker watch as we wanted it to really stand out and let the watch shine in all its glory. The wood itself is a lovely Ebony but you can see the watch face really stands out with the gorgeous ring of copper as well.

One of my absolutely favourite things about this watch is that it requires no battery! It is self-winding and you can actually see all of the inner workings of the watch as they move and work which is truly amazing! Our children think its brilliant and are fascinated with watching it.

All of the JORD wood watches are unique and different from the standard plain watch I see about so often. They bring style and are a real accessory in themselves as opposed to being a daily necessity . The watch we chose can be found here and is actually available in several different colours as well as the Ebony&Copper.

I have to be honest and say that I never even knew wood watches were a thing until I was contacted by JORD and now I can't believe I didn't know about them sooner. They are stylish and yet timeless and you can team them with anything from a smart suit to jeans and a jumper, definite all rounders.

Ordering the watch was so simple and easy, you measure you wrist and send that to them along with your order and they ensure the watch is ready to wear and go! I was so impressed with this as previously we have had the hassle of trying to take links out etc etc. The watch itself arrived in a beautiful wooden box and the watch was wrapped around a watch cushion. The box itself has become something my husband uses as well, there is a little drawer at the bottom that he has decided to keep the spare link and his cufflinks in as well. The lid connects with little magnets and is so easy to open and yet the lid stays on perfectly.

When I asked my husband his opinion of the watch (as he is the one wearing it) and he said and I quote 'The watch itself is comfortable and stylish to wear, I am impressed with how well it is withstanding every day use as it still looks brand new! The watch sits very nicely on my wrist and isn't too heavy and fits without being too tight or sliding around as I have found watches to do in the past.'

JORD create both men's and women's watches  and honestly I am so jealous of his beautiful watch I am wishing I had picked a women's watch for me instead! They are truly beautiful and would make a fantastic gift for someone.

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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