What's in my baby's hospital bag?

Well I am now 35 weeks pregnant and its time to make sure I have everything ready in my hospital bag so if you are thinking ' what should I pack for my baby in my hospital bag ' then this is the post for you! Since I have finally finished the baby portion of my hospital bag I decided to share with you what I will be packing and why.

First of all for me was a snowsuit/pramsuit, this will obviously depend on the time of year as if it is boiling hot in the height of summer then a baby would overheat however my baby is due in February and it's freezing!

Next I chose my baby boys first outfit! And hopefully his coming home outfit if I am lucky enough to not need to stay in hospital! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I put a nappy, vest and sleep suit together and will pack them together as well for ease of unpacking!

I have packed four spare vests as well, one more short sleeved vest and three long sleeve vest, again this is down to the time of year and the fact that it is so cold at the moment

A few other things to consider packing are, baby socks to keep their feet warm, scratch mitts for their sharp little fingernails, some bibs (I have chosen some bandana style bibs) and some hats. I have two which are thin for in hospital if needed and one thicker woolly hat for coming home!

I have also packed four extra sleep suits and I have chosen different sizes for these so that hopefully at least one will fit perfectly! I have two up to one month size and two up to three months size.

Something else to consider taking is a baby blanket, whilst the hospital do provide blankets, I love to have my own and to have my first pictures with a blanket that we will be able to keep forever. I have also packed three muslin cloths as you can seriously never have enough of these!

A cosy cardigan is also a must for me for baby hospital bag! And I absolutely love this gem that we picked up from M&S, it has the most gorgeous hedgehog print on the inside!

Last but definitely not least is baby toiletries, I have packed a travel change mat which folds down beautifully, a pack of size one nappies, some nappy sacks, bum cream, cotton wool and some water wipes which are 99.9% water! Perfect for a newborn baby's bottom!

I hope that this post was helpful to anyone looking to pack their hospital bag or interesting to anyone wanting to see what I was taking! I can't believe how close I am to my due date now so its definitely time to be organised.

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