Filming at our Birth?

As well as being a blogger I am also a vlogger and also have a daily vlog channel and a question we get asked often is 'Will you be filming your birth?' The short answer..... yes! We will! And as strange as it may sound to some people I am actually really excited to film it and to have the footage to look back on and watch!

I must admit to being very sad that we didn't think to film any of our other births as having those moments on footage would be absolutely amazing and whilst we have some photos and lots just after each of them were born the actual labour and birth is a bit overlooked. When really it is such an amazing thing that our bodies can do!

The footage itself when edited together won't be graphic but will hopefully show the beautiful side of childbirth.

I actually started this post before my gorgeous boy was born and now I am sat finishing it with him resting on me snoozing away <3

For anyone wanting to see here is our Birth Vlog -

Please do leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of it <3

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