BBC Dad - Robert Kelly's children interrupted a live BBC news broadcast, what would you do?

When Robert Kelly’s children interrupted a live BBC news broadcast about a very serous topic like Politics it offered the world some light relief when it needed it most. Try telling Robert that at the time, a part of me sympathises with him. I got me thinking what would I do in that situation?? We would all love to think that given that exact situation we would be the model parent and handle it with style.

Here is Robert Kelly broadcast about a political subject in South Korea, when his children interrupt him.

I have been thinking how I would best handle the situation and wondered if I'd be an eyes shut kinda guy or if I'd embrace the situation laugh it off? How would you deal with it? The Internet is slowly filling up with hilarious alternative ways in which people would have dealt with the set of circumstances.

This one is of how a mother would handle it and we think its hilarious.

The world automatically assumed that the Woman (Roberts wife) was a Nanny because of her ethnicity rightly or wrongly its easy when you watch the video to see why from her body language. Realising that the children have in fact interrupted her husband during a live broadcast she bursts in grabbing the children trying in vein to bow out of the shot.

I would like to think that in the diverse world we live in that one day the automatic assumption would be that any woman bursting in would in fact be his spouse. I fear that we are along way from that but hold hope that one day we will get to the point where someone is not judged instantly for their appearance.

That's all folks, look out for more dad posts!


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