Nimble Baby - Nimble Milk Buster Review

Have you ever cleaned the car or a bag out and found a long lost baby bottle? Only a day or so is needed before the bottle resembles a horror movie and the smell that comes from the bottle upon opening is immense. Similarly if the milk isn't washed out properly then the bottles will start to smell as well, we sterilised bottles up until our children reached one year of age and then we just washed them out instead.

The milky residue would be so difficult to scrub out which is where Nimble babies Milk Buster comes in! It is designed to detach milk fat and protein from plastic which means no cloudiness and no nasty smells...... AMAZING!

I decided to really put Nimble Babies to the test and so as well as using on some bottles, I also left some milk in a breast pump until it went horrible and stuck to the bottle....ewwww.... so I added water to the bottle, two sprays of milk buster and brushed with a bottle brush to clean it then rinsed.

Nimble Babies uses only plant based ingredients and is as mild as water which is brilliant, my other thought was that if I sterilise my bottle why would I need this? Well it turns out that sterilising only kills germs it doesn't remove the residue so the germs can grow back! Who knew?! For me the chances of these germs hurting my poor little baby's belly and making him sick is just not worth it!

After using Nimble Babies milk buster spray I can safely say that my baby bottles are odour free and clear and not cloudy! A bottle should last around two months when used regularly! It can also be used on breast or bottle milk and baby bowls and utensils as well!

This brilliant product was actually created after a conversation between Von and his sister when she complained to him that her baby's bottles were becoming cloudy and smelly and washing wasn't solving this. Being a chemist Von knew there would be a better way to clean the bottles and so set himself the challenge to figure it out. After lots of testing and experimenting Von launched Nimble Babies Milk Buster in September 2015 with an aim to change the way parents wash bottles so that smelly and cloudy bottles would be a thing of the past!

Nimble Babies milk buster comes in a 200ml spray bottle which retails for £5.99 and also a travel size 60ml bottle is available to buy as well.

*I was sent some Nimble Babies Milk Buster for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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